*Henri II Count of Lorraine and Brabant
born 1021 Brabant, France
died after 1077
buried 1079 Cloister of St. Gertrud, Nivelles, France

*Lambert III "Baudry" Count of Louvain
born Abt 0995 Of, Lorraine, France
died 21 Sep 1062
buried 1062 Cloister Of, St. Gertrud, Nivelles, France

*Oda Princess of Lorraine
born Abt 0995 Of, Lorraine, France
died 1044

*Mahaut of Louvain born Abt 984 Of, Louvain, Brabant, Belgium

*Adele (Alix) of Thuringia Countess of Beteau
born about 1023 Orlamunda, France
died after 1086

*Henri III de Louvain born about 1060 Lorraine, France
*Ida (Alix) de Lorraine born 1062 Lorraine Inferie, France died 1139
*Godfrey "A La Barbe" Duke of Lorraine born about 1074 Lorraine Inferie, France
died 25 January 1139/40 Jerusalem, Israel buried Afflighem

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