*Ida (Alix) de Lorraine
born 1062 Lorraine Inferie, France
died 1139

*Henri II Count of Lorraine and Brabant
born 1021 Brabant, France
died after 1077
buried 1079 Cloister of St. Gertrud, Nivelles, France

*Adele (Alix) of Thuringia Countess of Beteau
born about 1023 Orlamunda, France
died after 1086

*Henri III de Louvain born about 1060 Lorraine, France
*Godfrey "A La Barbe" Duke of Lorraine born about 1074 Lorraine Inferie, France
died 25 January 1139/40 Jerusalem, Israel buried Afflighem

*Baudouin II Count of Hainault
born 1061 Hainault, France
died 1099 Jerusalem
married 1086

*Baudouin III Count Of Hainault (Hennegau) born1087/1088 Of Hainault, France died 1120
*Alix de Hainault born about 1097 Hainault, Belgium died 1153
Ida De Hainault born Abt 1084 France died Aft 1101
Richilde De Hainault born 1095 Of Hainault, Belgium died Aft 1118

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