*Mahaut De Louvain
born about 0984 Louvain, Brabant, Belgium

*Lambert I de Hainault "the Bearded" Count of Louvain
born about 0952 Louvain, Brabant, Belgium
died 12 September 1015 in battle near Florennes

*Gerberge de Laon de Lorraine
born about 0977 Lower Lorraine, France
died 1015/1018

*Lambert II "Baudry" Count of Louvain born about 0995 Lorraine, France
died 21 September 1062 buried 1062 Cloister of St. Gertrud, Nivelles, France
*Henri I Comte de Louvain born about 0990

*Eustache I Count De Boulogne
born about 1004 Boulogne, Vendee, France
married about 1005 Brabant, Belgium

*Lambert De Boulogne born about 1020 Boulogne, Flandres
died 1054 Bataille De Lille, Flandres
*Eustache II Count De Boulogne born about 1030 Boulogne, France died about 1093

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