*Gunnora of Denmark Duchess of Normandy
born 0936
died 1031 France

*Harald I Blaatand (Bluetooth) King of Denmark
born circa 910
died in 981

*Gyrithe (Cyrid) Olafsdotter Queen of Denmark
born about 0905 Sweden

*Svend I Forkbeard born about 0960 Denmark
died 2 Feb 1014 Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England
buried Hellig Trefoldigheds Kirke, Roskilde, Roskilde, Denmark
*Herfast de Crepon born Abt 945
*Thyra Haraldsdatter Queen of Norway born Abt 0947 Of Denmark
died 18 Sep 1000 Norway
Gunhild Haraldsdotter Princess of Denmark born Abt 0949 Denmark
died 13 November 1002

*Richard I "The Fearless" ("Sans Peur") Duke of Normandy
born 0933 Fâecamp, Normandie
died 0996 Fâecamp, Normandie
married 0962

*Robert, Count of Evereux, and Archbishop of Rouen
born Abt 0965 Normandie died 1037
*Richard II Duke of Normandy born Abt 0963 Normandie
died 28 Aug 1027 Fâecamp, Normandie buried Fâecamp, Normandie
*Mauger of Normandy Count Corbeil (and Mortain?) born about 0967 Normandie
*Emma of Normandy born Abt 0982 Normandie
died 6 March 1052 Winchester, Hampshire, England
buried St Martin's Church, Winchester, Hampshire, England
*Matilda (Mahaud) de Normandy born about 0974 Normandy, France died before 1017
Hedwig of Normandy
*Guillaume Hieme de Brionne Count of Eu (Exemes)
born about 0965 Normandy, France died 26 January 1057/58
*Hawise De Bretagne born about 0977 Normandie died 21 February 1034 buried Rennes, Bretagne
*Beatrice de Normandy Abbess of Montveilliers born about 980 Normandy, France died 18 January 1034/35

biographical and/or anecdotal:
The natural children of Richard I. (see Table V. in Crispin and Macary), a conflict with the above information, were as follows:
1. Godfrey, Count of Brionne and Eu, born circa 1060, died circa 1108. He was the father of Gilbert of Brionne, who died about 1040, guardian of the young Duke William. Gilbert was the father of Baldwin of Meules, and of Exeter, sheriff of Devon; landowner in England, 1086; died 1090. He was also the father of Richard `FitzGilbert' of Tonbridge and Clare; fought at Hastings, 1066; landowner in England, 1086; died 1090, married Rohese, daughter of Walter Giffard. The latter was the head of the house of Clare, Earls of Hertford and Pembroke. See the continuation of this lineage in the Clare in Volume II.
2. Daughter (unknown) possibly married Baldric the Teuton, aunt of c. Gilbert.
3. William, Count of Exmes (later Eu), died about 1054, married Lesceline, daughter of Turquetil de Neufmarche. They had a son, Robert, Count of Eu; fought at Hastings 1066; landowner in England 1086, died 1090. He was the head of a line of Counts of Eu.
4. William, Count. Witnessed foundation of Fecamp, 990.
5. Robert, Count. Despoiler of Abbey of Mont St. Michel.
6. Daughter, one of the two unidentified daughters was Beatrice, Abbess of Montivilliers, married Gauthier de Lescelina or de Turqueville.
notes or source:
The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James