*Richard II "The Good" Duke of Normandy
born about 0963 Normandie
died 28 August 1027 Fâecamp, Normandie
buried Fâecamp, Normandie

*Richard I "The Fearless" Duke of Normandy
born 0933 Fâecamp, Normandie
died 0996 Fâecamp, Normandie

*Duchess Gunnora de Crepon
born 0936
died 1031 France
married about 0963

*Robert d'Evereux Archbishop Rouen born Abt 0965 Normandie died 1037
*Mauger of Normandy Count of Corbeil (and Mortain?) born about 0967 Normandie
*Emma of Normandy born Abt 0982 Of, Normandie
died 6 Mar 1052 Winchester, Hampshire, England
buried St Martin's Church, Winchester, Hampshire, Eng
*Matilda (Mahaud) de Normandy born about 0974 Normandy, France died before 1017
Hedwig of Normandy
*Guillaume Hieme de Brionne Count of Eu (Exemes)
born about 0965 Normandy, France died 26 January 1057/58
*Hawise de Bretagne born Abt 0977 Of, Normandie
died 21 Feb 1034 buried Rennes, Bretagne
*Beatrice de Normandy Abbess of Montveliers born about 0980 Normandy, France died 18 January 1034/35

spouse (?):
*Papia a concubine
(end of information).

children (from this union):
*Papia de Brionne
born 0990

*Judith de Bretagne (of Rennes)
born 0982 Bretagne, France
died 16 June 1017 Normandie, France
married about 1000 Normandie, France

*Mauger "le Jeune" Archbishop of Rouen born about <1000>
*Robert I "The Magnificent" Duke of Normandy born about 1003 Normandie
died 22 July 1035 Nicea, Bithynia, Turkey buried Nicaea, Bithynia, Turkey
*Richard III de Normandie born about 1001 Normandie died 6 August 1028
Elâeonore de Normandie born about 1009 Normandie
*Adelais (Judith) de Normandie born about 1007 Normandie died 1037 after July 27 France
*Guillaume de Normandie Earl of Arques et Toulouse born 1005 Normandie died June 1025
Princess of Normandy born 1011 Normandie

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