*Harald I "Blaatand" (Bluetooth) Gormsson King of Denmark
born circa 910
died 1 November 0987

*Gorm "The Old" Hardeknudsson King of Denmark
born about 0840 Denmark
died about 0940 Jellinge, Vejle, Denmark
buried Gormshoj, Jellinge, Vejle, Denmark

*Thyre "Danebod" (of Jutland) Haroldsdatter Queen of Denmark
born about 0844 Jutland, Denmark
died about 0935 Jellinge, Vejle, Denmark
buried Jellinghojene, Jellinge, Vejle, Denmark

*Gunhild Gormsdatter Queen of Norway born about 0904 Denmark died after 0977 <Denmark>

*Gyrithe (Cyrid?) Olafsdotter Queen of Denmark
born Abt 0905 Sweden

*Thyra Haraldsdatter Queen of Norway
born Abt 0947 Of Denmark
died 18 Sep 1000 Norway
*Svend I Forkbeard born Abt 0960 Of Denmark
died 2 Feb 1014 Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England
buried Hellig Trefoldigheds Kirke, Roskilde, Roskilde, Denmark
*Gunnora de Crepon,born 0936 died 1031
*Herfast de Crepon born Abt 0945
Gunhild Haraldsdotter Princess of Denmark born Abt 0949 Denmark
died 13 Nov 1002

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The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James &
Compiled from a variety of sources.