*Æthelwulf King of England
born 0806
died 13 January 0858
buried Stamridge, England

*Egbert King of England
born 0775 Wessex, England
died 19 November 0839 Wessex, England

*Redburga of Wessex
born about 0788

Edith of Wessex
Athelstan of Wessex King of Kent

*Osburga of Wessex
born about 810 Wessex, England
died 0849

*Alfred "the Great" King of England born 0849 Wantage, Berkshire, England died 0911
Æthelbald King of England
*Æthelred I King of Wessex
born about 0843 died about 0872
Æthelswith of Wessex

biographical and/or anecdotal:
"Noble Wolf," son of Egbert, reigned from 839 to 857 in Wessex, England. During his reign the Danes miserably spoiled England, daring to winter there for the first time. In 851 Ethelwulf routed them at Okely in Surrey. By the advise of St. Swithin, Bishop of Winchester, he granted to the church the tithe of all his dominions. He died January 13, 858. He married Lady Osburga (Osburh) (Osberga), daughter of Earl Oslac, the royal cup-bearer.

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