*Egbert King of England
born 0775 Wessex, England
died 19 November 0839 Wessex, England

*Ealhmund Under-King of Kent
born 0758
died 0788

*daughter of Æthelbert II King of Kent
born 0762


*Redburga of Wessex
born about 0788

*Æthelwulf King of England born 0806 died 13 January 0858
Edith Wessex
Æthelstan Wessex King of Kent

biographical and/or anecdotal:
*Egbert, is regarded as the first King of England. He reigned from 802 to 829 (839?). He was born about 775 and fled from his cousin Brethrick, taking refuge in the court of *Charlemagne, where he stayed for about twelve years, serving as one of his captains. On the death of Brethrick (who was poisoned by his wife), Egbert returned to England. In 802 at Winchester he was crowned King of the West Saxons. He subdued West Wales, or Cornwall, defeated the King of Mercia at Ellandune, annexed Kent and in 829 he became overlord of all the English kings and gave the name of England to the whole realm. There are still in existence some coins struck by Egbert, though these are now extremely rare. In 835 Egbert defeated a formidable army of Danes at Hingston Down in Cornwall, when they attempted to invade England. He died in 839, and was buried at Westminster. He married *Lady Readberga (Redburga). He was succeeded by his son, *Ethelwulf.

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