*Alfred the Great King of England
born 0849 Wantage, Berkshire, England
died 26 October 0901 Winchester, Hampshire, England

*Æthelwulf King of England
born 0806
died 13 January 0858
buried Stamridge

*Osburga of Wessex
born about 810 Wessex, England
died 0849

Æthelbald King of England
*Æthelred I King of Wessex
born about 0843 died about 0872
Æthelswith of Wessex

*Alswitha (Ealswitha) of Mercia Queen of Gaini
born 0852 Gaini, Mercia, England
died 5 December 0905 St. Mary's Abbey, Winchester, Dorset, England
buried Winchester Cathedral
married 0868

*Æthelfleda born about 0869 Wessex, England
died 12 June 0918 Tamworth, St. Peters, Gloucestershire, England
*Edward the Elder "The Unconquered" King of England
born 0870,died 0924 Forndon, Northhamptonshire, England
Æthelgifu Abbess of Shaftsbury
*Ælfrida Princess of England
born Abt 0877 Of Wessex, England
died 0920

biographical and/or anecdotal:
Son of Ethelwulf, succeeded his brother, Ethelred I., reigning from 871 to 900. Alfred began as second-in-command to his eldest brother, King Ethelred I. There were no jealousies between them, but a marked difference of temperament. Ethelred inclined toward a religious viewpoint that faith and prayer were the prime agencies by which the heathen would be overcome. Alfred, though also devout, laid the emphasis upon policy and arms. He was born in 849 and died in 900. At twenty-four he became King.

notes or source:
The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James