*Eudes Borel I de Bourgogne
born 1058 Bourgogne, France
died 23 March 1103 Tarsus
buried Citaux, France

*Henri Duke of Burgundy
born about 1036 Bourgogne, France
died 27 January 1066 France

*Sibylle of Barcelona
born about 1035
died 6 July 1074
married 1056

Hugues I "L'Aveugle" de Bourgogne born 1057 Bourgogne, France died 29 August 1093 Cluny, France
Robert de Bourgogne born 1059 Bourgogne, France
died 18 September 1111 Chãatillon-sur-Seine, France buried Abbaye De Molesmes, France
*Alice (Helia) Countess of Burgundy born about 1060 Bourgogne, France died 1091
Renaud de Bourgogne born 1065 Bourgogne, France
*Henri de Burgundy born 1069/1070 Bourgogne, France
died 1 November 1112
Bâeatrix de Bourgogne born 1063 Bourgogne, France died 1110

spouse (1st):
*Sibylle de Bourgogne
born 1065 France
died about 1102/03

children (from 1st marriage):
*Hugues II "le Pacifique" de Bourgogne born 1085 Bourgogne, France
died 1143 buried Abbaye De Citeaux, France
Hâelie de Bourgogne born 1080 Bourgogne, France died 28 February 1142
Florine de Bourgogne born 1083 France died 1097
Henri de Bourgogne born 1087 Bourgogne, France
died 9 March 1131 Cãiteaux, France

spouse (2nd):
*Maud (Matilda) de Vermandois
born about 1080 Valois, France
died 1130 Bourgogne, France
married about 1102/03

children (from 2nd marriage):
*Alix Ala de Bourgogne born about 1102/03 died before 1150

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