*Sibylle of Barcelona
born Abt 1035
died 6 Jul 1074

*Raimund (Ramon) Berenger I Count of Barcelona
born 1005 Of, Barcelona, Spain
died 26 May 1035
buried Santa Maria, Ripoll, Gerona, Spain

*Gisela of Balsaremy
born Abt 1010
(end of information)


*Henri, Duke of Burgundy
born Abt 1036 Bourgogne, France
died 27 Jan 1066 France
married 1056

*Eudes I De Bourgogne born 1058 Of Bourgogne, France
died 23 Mar 1103 Tarsus buried Citaux
Hugues I "L'Aveugle" De Bourgogne born 1057 Of, Bourgogne, France died 29 Aug 1093 Cluny, France
Robert De Bourgogne born 1059 Of Bourgogne, France
died 18 Sep 1111 Chãatillon-sur-Seine, France buried Abbaye De Molesmes, France
*Alice (Helia) Countess of Burgundy born Abt 1060 Of Bourgogne, France died 1091
Renaud De Bourgogne born 1065 Of, Bourgogne, France
*Henri De Burgundy born 1069/1070 Of Bourgogne, France
died 1 Nov 1112
Bâeatrix De Bourgogne born 1063 Of Bourgogne, France died 1110

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