*Arnulf "The Bad" Duke of Bavaria
born Abt 0886 Nordgau, Schwaben, Bavaria
died 14 July 0937 Regensburg, Germany

*Luitpold Margrave of Nordgau
born Abt 0860 Of Nordgau, Schwaben, Bavaria
died 4 July 0907 Bratislava, Slovakia

*Kungunde Countess In Swabia
born Abt 0864 Of Schwaben, Bavaria
married Abt 0885 Of Schwaben, Bavaria

Berthold Duke of Bavaria born Abt 0890 Of, Nordgau, Schwaben, Bavaria died 23 Nov 0947
Miss Princess of the Nordgau born Abt 0888 Of, Nordgau, Schwaben, Bavaria
Heinrich Count of Radenz born Abt 0892 Of, Radenz, Posen, Prussia

*Jèutte (Judith) of Friuli Grafin Von Sèulichgau
born about 0894 Friuli, Italy
married Abt 0910 Friuli, Italy

*Leopold "The Illustrious" Markgraf of Austria
born about 0940 (should be 0914?) Pèochlarn, Niederèosterreich, Austria
died 10 July 0994 Wurzburg, Unterfranken, Bavaria
*Berthold Margrave of the Nordgau born about 0915 Nordgau, Schwaben, Bavaria died 15 January 0980
Luitpold Prince of Bavaria born about 0910 Bavaria died Young
Judith Duchess of Bavaria born 0919 Bavaria died 27 July 0978
*Heinrich Count of Bavaria born about 0920 Nordgau Region, Medieval States died 0953
Hermann Prince of Bavaria born about 0917 Bavaria died 0954
*Arnulf Count Palatine of Bavaria born about 0913 Babenberg, Oberfranken, Bavaria
died 22 July 0954
Hermann Prince of Bavaria born about 0917 Bavaria died 0954
Eberhard Duke of Bavaria born about 0912 Bavaria, Medieval States died about 0938
Ludwig Prince of Bavaria born about 0930 Bavaria died after 0972
unnamed Princess of Bavaria born about 0925 Bavaria

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