*Kunigunde Alaholfing Countess In Swabia
born about 0870 Schwaben, Bavaria

*Berthold III Count Palatine in Swabia
born 0842 Schwaben, Bavaria
died about 0910

*Gisela of Germany
born about 0850


spouse (1st):
*Luitpold Margrave of Nordgau
born Abt 0860 Nordgau, Schwaben, Bavaria
died 4 July 0907 Bratislava, Slovakia
married about 0885 Schwaben, Bavaria

children (from 1st marriage):
*Arnulf Duke of Bavaria
born about 0886 Nordgau, Schwaben, Bavaria died 14 July 0937
Berthold Duke of Bavaria born about 0890 Nordgau, Schwaben, Bavaria died 23 November 0947
Miss Princess of the Nordgau born about 0888 Nordgau, Schwaben, Bavaria
Heinrich Count of Radenz born about 0892 Radenz, Posen, Prussia

spouse (2nd):
*Conrad I Duke of Franconia King of Germany
born about 0890 Babenberg
died 23 December 0918 Germany
married 0913

children (from 2nd marriage):
*Kunigunde of Germany born about 0913 Speyergau
*Hermann Duke of Franconia born about 0913 Franconia
died 0948

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