*Judith von Wetterau
born 0934? Of, Wetterau, Germany
died 16 Oct 0973

*Udo Count of the Wetterau
born 0880? Schwaben, Bavaria
died 2 December 0949

*Adelheid (Alix) (Alice) (one source says Conradine) de Vermandois
born Abt 0882 Of, Vermandois, Neustria
died 12 Dec 0949

*Heribert Count in Kinziggau born 0914? Kinzig, Hessen, Germany died 0992
Udo Count of the Wetterau born 0916? Of, Wetterau, Germany died 15 Jul 0982 Killed
*Konrad Count in the Rheingau born 0910? Schwaben, Bavaria died 20 Aug 0997
Gebhard Count of the Wetterau born 0912? Schwaben, Bavaria died 0938

*Heinrich I Count of Stade
born 0932? Of, Stade, Hannover, Germany
died 0976
(end of information)

*Hildegarde Countess of Stade born 0978? Stade, Hannover, Germany died 3 October 1011
*Kunigunde von Stade died 13 July 0997

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