*Konrad Count in the Rheingau
born 0910? Schwaben, Bavaria
died 20 Aug 0997

*Udo Count of the Wetterau
born 0880? Schwaben, Bavaria
died 2 December 0949

*Adelheid (Alix) (Alice) (one source says Conradine) de Vermandois
born Abt 0882 Of, Vermandois, Neustria
died 12 Dec 0949
married Bef 1068

Udo Count of the Wetterau born 0916 Of, Wetterau, Germany died 15 Jul 0982 Killed
*Judith Countess of the Wetterau born 0934? Wetterau, Germany died 16 October 0973
Gebhard Count of the Wetterau born 0912? Schwaben, Bavaria died 0938
*Heribert Count in Kinziggau born 0914? Kinzig, Hessen, Germany died 0992

*Jutta von Öhningen
born about <0920> Schwaben, Bavaria

*Hermann II Duke of Swabia
born Abt 0950 Schwaben, Bavaria
died 4 May 1003

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