*Ada de Warenne
born 1120 Surrey, England
died 1178
buried Kelso, Roxburgh, Scotland

*William II de Warenne
born about 1065 Sussex, England
died 11 May 1138 England
buried Priory of Lewes, Lewes, Sussex, England

*Isabel (Elizabeth) de Vermandois
born about 1085 Valois, France
died 13 February 1131 England
buried Lewes, Sussex, England
married before 1118 France

Adelian de Warenne born about 1122 Surrey, England
*William III de Warenne born about 1110 Vermandois, Normandy, France died 1148 Laodicea
*Gundred de Warenne born about 1117 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
died after 1166 Warwickshire, England buried Kelso, Roxburgh, Scotland
Reginald de Warenne born about 1113 Vermandois, Normandy, France
Ralph de Warenne born about 1115 Vermandois, Normandy, France

*Henry Earl of Huntington Prince of Scotland
born 1115 Scotland
died 12 June 1152 Scotland
buried Kelso, Roxburgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland

*William I "the Lion" King of Scotland born 1143 Scotland
died 4 December 1214 Sterling, Stirlingshire, Scotland
buried 10 December 1214 Abbey of Arbroath, Arbroath, Angusshire, Scotland
*Ada of Scotland born about 1146 Scotland died 11 January 1215/16
*Margaret Huntington born about 1131 Scotland died after 1201
Malcolm IV "The Maiden" King of Scotland born 20 March 1141/42 Scotland
died 9 December 1165 Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland
*David Huntington born 1144 Northumberland, England died 1219
Matilda Princess of Scotland born 1148 England died 1152 England
*Marjory Princess of Scotland born about 1152 England died about 1213

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