*Marjory Princess of Scotland
born about 1152 England
died about 1213

*Henry Earl of Huntington Prince of Scotland
born 1115 Scotland
died 12 June 1152 Scotland
buried Kelso, Roxburgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland

*Ada de Warenne
born 1120 Surrey, England
died 1178
buried Kelso, Roxburgh, Scotland

*William I "the Lion" King of Scotland born 1143 Scotland
died 4 December 1214 Sterling, Stirlingshire, Scotland
buried 10 December 1214 Abbey of Arbroath, Arbroath, Angusshire, Scotland
*Ada of Scotland born about 1146 Scotland died 11 January 1215/16
*Margaret Huntington born about 1131 Scotland died after 1201
Malcolm IV "The Maiden" King of Scotland born 20 March 1141/42 Scotland
died 9 December 1165 Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland
*David Huntington born 1144 Northumberland, England died 1219
Matilda Princess of Scotland born 1148 England died 1152 England

spouse (1st):
*Sir William de Lindsay Lord Luffness
born about 1148 Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland
died about 1200

children (from 1st marriage):
*Walter Lindsay Lord of Lambert
born about 1172 Luffness, Aberlady, East Lothian, Scotland
died about 1221

spouse (2nd):
*Gilchrist 4th Earl of Angus
born about 1154 Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland
died between 1207/11

children (from 2nd marriage):
*Duncan macGilchrist 5th Earl of Angus
born about 1170 Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland
died about 1207/14

and possibly
*Beatrix of Angus
born about 1184 Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland

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