*Ermengarde von Susa
born about 1015 Turin?, Italy
died 21 January 1078

*Ulric II (Udalrico) Manfredo Marchese di Torino & Susa
born about 0978 Torino, Piedmont, Italy
died 23 December 1035

*Bertha Ivrea
born about 0980 Lombardy, Italy
died 29 December 1037

*Adelais Suza born about 1020 Susa, Torino, Italy died 19 December 1091
*Berta of Torino born about 1040 died before 1064

spouse (1st?):
*Ekbert I Markgraf von Meissen & Brunswick
born Brunswick, Germany
died 11 January 1068

children (from 1st? marriage):
*Ekbert II von Brunswick
born about 1036 Germany
died 11 January 1085/86

spouse (2nd?):
*Otto III von Schweinfurt Duke of Swabia
born about 1004 Schweinfurt, Unterfranken, Bavaria
died 28 September 1057
married 1036

children (from 2nd marriage?):
*Jutta von Swabia born about 1037 died about 1104
*Gisela von Schweinfurt born about 1041 died 2 February 1100

biographical and/or anecdotal:
other spouse Eckbert I Count in the Quinziggau

notes or source: