*Bertha Ivrea
born about 0980 Lombardy, Italy
died 29 December 1037

*Adalbert Marquis of Ivrea King of Italy
born about 0947 Italy
died after 0973

*Gerberge de Maçon Countess of Bourgogne
born 0948 Maçon, France
died 11 December 0986/0991 Chateau De Pouilly, Pouilly-Sur-Saone, Bourgogne

*Otto Guillaume de Maçon Count of Bourgogne & Nevers
born about 0958 Lombardy, Italy
died 21 September 1026/27
*Gerberge Princess of Lombardy

*Ulric II (Udalrico) Meginfred Marchese di Susa & Torino
born about 0978 Torino, Piedmont, Italy
died 23 December 1035
married before 1014

*Adelais Suza born about 1020 Susa, Torino, Italy died 19 December 1091
*Berta of Torino born about 1040 died before 1064
*Ermengarde von Susa born about 1015 Turin?, Italy died 21 January 1078

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