*Raymond de Poitiers (d'Aquitaine) Prince of Antioch
born about 1097 Poitiers, Poitou, France
died 27 June 1149 Anab

*Guillaume VII (IX) Duke of Aquitaine
born 22 October 1071 Aquitaine, France
died 10 February 1126/27 France

*Philippa (Mathilde or Maude?) Countess of Toulouse
born about 1073 Toulouse, France
died 28 November 1117
married 1094 France

*Agnáes (Maud) Princess of Aquitaine born about 1100 Aquitaine, France
*Guillaume X Duke of Aquitaine born 1099 Aquitaine, France died 19 April 1137 France
Adâelaèide d'Aquitaine born about 1102 Aquitaine, France
Guillaume I of Valentois born about 1106 Aquitaine, France died 4 March 1187
Henri d'Aquitaine born about 1101 Aquitaine, France

*Constance Guiscard of Antioch
died 1164

Bohemond III "the Stammerer" of Antioch born about 1145 died 1201
Philippa of Antioch
*Marie de Poitiers Princess of Antioch
born about 1145 Antioch died 27 August 1182
Baldwin of Antioch

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