*Guillaume VII (IX) Duke of Aquitaine
born 22 October 1071 Aquitaine, France
died 10 February 1126/27 France

*Guillaume VIII (Guy Geoffroy), Duke of Aquitaine
born Abt 1026 Aquitaine
died 25 Sep 1086 Chateau De Chizay, Poitou, Aquitaine

*Hildegarde Princess of France
born about 1049 Bourgogne, France
died after 1104
married 1068 France

Bâeatrice Princess of Aquitaine born about 1080 Toulouse died 1110
Hugues d'Aquitaine born about 1075 Aquitaine died 1126
Agnáes D'Aquitaine born about 1073 Aquitaine died 1097

*Philippa (Mathilde or Maude?) Countess of Toulouse
born about 1073 Toulouse, France
died 28 November 1117
married 1094 France

*Agnáes (Maud) Princess of Aquitaine born about 1100 Aquitaine, France
*Guillaume X Duke of Aquitaine born 1099 Aquitaine, France died 19 April 1137 France
*Raymond de Poitiers (d'Aquitaine) Prince of Antioch born about 1097 Poitiers, Poitou, France
died 27 June 1149 Anab
Adâelaèide d'Aquitaine born about 1102 Aquitaine, France
Guillaume I of Valentois born about 1106 Aquitaine, France died 4 March 1187
Henri d'Aquitaine born about 1101 Aquitaine, France

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