*Philippa Plantegenet
born 16 August 1355 Eltham, Kent, England
died about 7 January 1377/78
buried Wigmore, Herefordshire, England

*Lionel "of Antwerp" Duke of Clarence Prince of England
born 29 November 1338 Antwerp, Belgium
died 17 October 1368 Alba, Cuneo, Italy
buried Augustine Friars, Clare, Suffolk, England

*Elizabeth de Burgh
born 6 July 1332 Castle Carrickfergus, Antrim, Ireland
died December 1363 Dublin, Ireland
buried 11 March 1363/64 Priory, Clare, Suffolk, England
married 9 September 1342 Tower of London, London, Middlesex, England


*Edmund "The Good" de Mortimer
born 1 February 1351/52 Llangoed, Llyswen, Breconshire, Wales
died 27 December 1381 Dominican Friary, Cork, Ireland
buried Wigmore, Herefordshire, England

*Elizabeth Mortimer born 12 February 1370/71 Usk, Monmouthshire, England
died 20 April 1417 England
John Mortimer born about 1378 Wigmore, Kent, England
Roger de Mortimer born 11 April 1374 Usk, Monmouthshire, England
died 20 July 1398 Kells, Meath, Ireland
Edmund de Mortimer born 9 November 1376 Ludlow, Shropshire, England
died 1409 Harlech Castle, Harlech, Merionteithshire, Wales
Philippa de Mortimer born 21 November 1375 Ludlow, Shropshire, England
died 24/26 September 1400 Halnaker, Sussex, England
buried Boxgrove Near, Lewes, Sussex, England

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