*Lionel "of Antwerp" Duke of Clarence Prince of England
born 29 November 1338 Antwerp, Belgium
died 17 October 1368 Alba, Cuneo, Italy
buried Augustine Friars, Clare, Suffolk, England

*Edward III King of England
born 13 November 1307 Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire. England
died 21 June 1377 (from dementia) Shene Castle, Surrey

*Philippa d'Avesnes Queen of England
born 24 June 1311 Mons, Hainault, Flanders
died 15 August 1369 Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire. England
married 24 January 1327 York, Yorkshire, England

Edward "the Black" Prince of Wales born 1330 Woodstock Castle, Oxfordshire, England died 1376
Isabella Princess of England born 1332 died 1382
Joan (Joanna) Princess of England born 1334 died 1348
William Lord of Hatfield born 1336 died 1337
*John of Gaunt Plantegenet born 24 June 1340 Bavon Abbey, Ghent, Flanders
died 3 February 1399 Leicester Castle, London, Middlesex, England
Edmund Plantagenet of Langley born 5 June 1341 King's Langley, Hertfordshire, England
died 1 August 1402 King's Langley, Hertfordshire, England
Blanche de la Tour born 1342 died 1342
Mary Princess of England born 1344 died 1361
Margaret Princess of England born 1346 died 1361
Thomas Prince of England born 1347 died 1348
William Duke of Windsor born 1348 died 1348
Joan Princess of England born 1349
Thomas of Woodstock Plantagenent born 7 January 1354 Woodstock Castle, Oxfordshire, England
died 8 September 1397 Smothered at Prince's Inn, Calais, France

*Elizabeth de Burgh
born 6 July 1332 Castle Carrickfergus, Antrim, Ireland
died December 1363 Dublin, Ireland
buried 11 March 1363/64 Priory, Clare, Suffolk, England
married 9 September 1342 Tower of London, London, Middlesex, England

*Philippa Plantegenet
born 16 August 1355 Eltham, Kent, England
died about 7 January 1377/78
buried Wigmore, Herefordshire, England

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