*Pepin II "The Fat" of Heristal Mayor of the Palace (to King Theuderic) Duc de Brabant
born 0634 Heristal, near Liege, Belgium
died 16 December 0714 Jupile on the Muse, France

*Ansigise Meroving
born 0602 Austrasia, France
died 0685 Andene Monastery

*St. Beggue "Begue" de Landin
born about 0613 Landen, Liege, Belgium
died 0698
married 0634

*Martin of Laon born about 0660?

*Elphide (Chalpaida) (Alpais)
born 0654 Heristal, Liege (Belgium)
died Orplegrandmonast, Brabant, Vosges, France

*Charles Martel "the Hammer" Duc de Antrim
born in 0689 Herstal, near Liege, in Belgium
died 0741 Quierzy-sur-Oise, Aisne, France
buried Monastáere de Saint Denis, Saint Denis, France
*Childebrand I Lord of Perracy and Bougy Count of Autun died 0743-0751

biographical and/or anecdotal:
Pepin II byname Pepin of Herstal (d. Dec. 16, 714, Jupille, near Liege (now Belgium), ruler of the Franks 687-714), the first of the Carolingian mayors of the palace.
The son of Begga and Ansegisel, who were respectively, the daughter of Pepin I and the son of Bishop Arnulf of Metz Pepin established himself as mayor of the palace in Austrasia after the death of Dagobert II in 679 and defended its autonomy against Theodoric III of Neustria and Ebroin. Theodoric's mayor of the palace. Defeated by Ebroin in 689 at Lucofao (near Laon). Pepin gained his revenge on the Neustrains in 687 at Tertry (near Peronne) and became sole effective ruler of the Franks. He nevertheless retained Theodoric III on the throne and after his death replaced him with three successive Merovingian kings. After several years of warfare Pepin defeated the Frisians on his northeastern border (689). He also forced the Alemanni to recognize Frankish authority again and encouraged Christian missionaries in Alemannia and Bavaria. (Britannica)
PEPIN OF HERSTAL (or Crassus) Duke of the Franks, (635?-714), Carolingian Mayor of the Palace Austrasia, who reunited the Frankish realms in the late Merovingian period. A grandson of Pepin the Elder, he succeeded to his position in the kingdom of Austrasia around 680. In 687 he extended Carolingian rule to the other Frankish kingdoms, Neustria and Burgundy, but retained members of the Merovingian dynasty as figurehead monarchs in all three. Two years later he extended his control over the Frisians, a pagan people living on the North Sea coast. Pepin's death was followed by a civil war and the succession of his illegitimate son Charles Martel. ( Encarta)

notes or source:
The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James