*St. Beggue "Begue" de Landin
born Abt 0613 Landen, Liege, Belgium
died 0698

*Pepin I "The Old" de Landen
born Abt 0591 Landen, Liege, Belgium
died 0639

*Itte (Itta) "Iduberga" de Metz
born Abt 0597 Landen, Austrasia, France
died 0652

Grimoald de Landen
Gertrude de Landen Abbess of Nivelle

*Ansigise Meroving
born 0602 Austrasia, France
died 0685 Andene Monastery
married 0634

*Pepin II of Heristal Mayor of the Palace Duc de Brabant
born 0634 Heristal, near Liege, in Belgium
died 16 December 0714
*Martin of Laon born about 0660?

biographical and/or anecdotal:
The Calendar of Saints says after her husband was killed hunting she decided to make a pilgrimage to Rome. On returning home she founded seven churches at Ardene of the Meuse. She also set up an abbey at the same place where she died. December 17 is her feast day.

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