*Robert of Nevers Lord of Craon
born about 1026 Nevers, Nievre, France
died 1078

*Renaud I Count of Nevers & Auxerre
born about 0986
died 29 May 1040 Sauvigny Le Bour

*Adâelaèide Havoise Princess of France
born 1003 Nevers, Bourgogne
died after 1063 Nevers, Bourgogne
buried St Germain, Bourgogne

*Guilliame I Count of Nevers & Auxerre born about 1030 Nevers, Nierre, France died 20 June 1100
Henry De Nevers born before 1027 Of, Nevers, Nierre, France
Guy De Nevers born before1031 Of, Nevers, Nierre, France

*Avise de Sablé
born about 1045 Mayenne, France
died 1070

*Robert II of Sablé died 1110
*Renaud II "Le Bourguignon" de Craon born about 1046/50Nevers, Nievre, France
died 5 August 1089
*Guy de Craon born about 1066? Burton Craon, Lincolnshire, England
died 1118

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