*Renaud I Count of Nevers & Auxerre
born about 0986 Nevers, Nierre, France
died 29 May 1040 Sauvigny Le Bour

*Landry III Seigneurs De Maers
born about 0956
died 11 May 1028

*Mathilda of Burgundy
born about 0983
died 1005

Bodon Count of Vendom

*Adâelaèide Havoise Princess of France
born 1003 Of, Nevers, Bourgogne
died after 1063 Of, Nevers, Bourgogne
buried St Germain, Bourgogne
married 1023

*Guillaume I Count of Nevers & Auxerre born about 1030 Of, Nevers, Nierre, France died 20 Jun 1100
*Robert of Nevers Lord of Craon born about 1026 Nevers, Nievre, France died 1078
Henry De Nevers born before 1027 Of, Nevers, Nierre, France
Guy De Nevers born before1031 Of, Nevers, Nierre, France

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One source on LDS says born in 973 and married Alice Princess of France.