*Hugh of Kevelioc de Meschines Earl of Chester
born 1147 Kevelioc, Merionethshire, Wales
died 30 June 1181 Leek, Staffordshire, England
buried Chester, Chestershire, England

*Ranulph "De Gernon" De Meschines
born 1099 Castle, Gernon, Normandy, France
died 16 Dec 1153 England
buried St Werburgh, Chester, Cheshire, England

*Maud Fitzrobert
born about 1120 Gloucestershire, England
died 29 July 1189 Chester, England
married about 1141 Gloucestershire, England

Richard de Meschines born about 1143 Chester, Cheshire, England
*Joanna de Meschines born about 1145 Chester, Cheshire, England
Beatrix de Gernons born about 1146 <Chester, Cheshire, England>

*Bertrade de Montfort (Evreux)
born 1155 Chester, England
died 12 July 1189 Evreux, Eure, France
married 1169 Montfort, Normandy, France

*Mabel de Meschines born about 1173 Cheshire, England
*Hawise de Meschines born 1160 Chester, Cheshire, England
died after 6 June 1241 buried before 3 March 1242
*Maud (Matilda) Kevelioc born 1171 Chester, England died 6 January 1233
*Agnes de Meschines born about 1174 Tutbury, Staffordshire, England died 2 November 1247
daughter de Meschines born about 1180 Chester, Cheshire, England
*Tanglust of Chester born about 1163 Cheshire, England died 6 January 1233
Nichola de Meschines born about 1182, Chester, England
*Amicia de Meschines born about 1167 Kevelioc, Merionethshire, Wales
Ranulph de Meschines Earl of Chester born 1172 Oswestry, Powis, Wales
died 28 October 1232 Wallingford, Berkshire, England
buried 3 November 1232 St Werburg`s, Chester, Cheshire, England

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