*Maud (Matilda) Kevelioc de Meschines
born 1171 Chester, England
died 6 January 1233

*Hugh of Kevelioc de Meschines Earl of Chester
born 1147 Kevelioc, Merionethshire, Wales
died 30 June 1181 Leek, Staffordshire, England
buried Chester, Chestershire, England

*Bertrade de Montfort (Evereux)
born 1155 Chester, England
died 12 July 1189 Evreux, Eure, France
married 1169 Montfort, Normandy, France

*Mabel de Meschines born about 1173 Cheshire, England
*Hawise de Meschines born 1160 Chester, Cheshire, England
died after 6 June 1241 buried before 3 March 1242
*Agnes de Meschines born about 1174 Tutbury, Staffordshire, England died 2 November 1247
daughter de Meschines born about 1180 Chester, Cheshire, England
*Tanglust of Chester born about 1163 Cheshire, England died 6 January 1233
Nichola de Meschines born about 1182, Chester, England
*Amicia de Meschines born about 1167 Kevelioc, Merionethshire, Wales
Ranulph de Meschines Earl of Chester born 1172 Oswestry, Powis, Wales
died 28 October 1232 Wallingford, Berkshire, England
buried 3 November 1232 St Werburg`s, Chester, Cheshire, England

*David Earl of Huntington
born 1144 Northumberland, England
died 17 June 1219 Yardley, Northhamptonshire, England or Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland
married 26 August 1190

*Margaret Huntington le Scot born 1191 died 1228
Robert le Scot
Maud le Scot
Henry le Scot of Stirling Lord of Brechin
died after 1215 before August 1238
David le Scot
*Isobella le Scot
born 1199 Huntington, Huntingtonshire, England died 1251/52
*Ada le Scot of Huntington born 1 January 1199/1200 died after 1241
John le Scot Earl of Chester born 1207 died 6 Jun 1237 Darnhall, Chestershire, England
*daughter of David Earl of Huntington

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"Biographical Encyclopedia of the Kings & Queens of Great Britain" by Mike Ashley
Again there is a question about this daughter.