*Mathilde Princess of Saxony
born 0937 Saxony
died 25 May 1008

*Hermann Billung Duke of Saxony
born about 0905 Saxony
died 27 March 0973

*Hildegardis Westerbourg
born 0905 < Saxony
(end of information)

*Bernard I (Benno) Duke of Saxony born 0940 Saxony died 9 February 1011
*Suanehild Princess of Saxony born 0940? Saxony died 26 February 1013
Imma Abbess of Herford born 0978? Saxony died after 0995 Herford, Westpfalz, Germany
Liudger Prince of Saxony born 0980? Saxony died 26 February 1011

spouse (1st):
*Baudouin III (Baldwin) Count of Flanders
born about 0933 Flandres
died 1 Nov 0962
married Bef 0960

children (children from 1st marriage):
*Bertha Countess of Flanders born Abt 0987? < Flanders, France>
*Arnold II Count of Flanders born Abt 0941? Flandres, France
died 30 Mar 0987

spouse (2nd)
*Gottfried (Godefroy) "the Captive" "the Old" Count of Verdun & Bidgau & Ardenne
born about 0930
died after 3 September 1005
married after 0962

children (from second marriage):
*Bonne Adelaide Duchess of Lorraine born about 0963? Ardenne, France
*Gonzelon I Duke of Lorraine born about 0967 Verdun, Meuse, France died 19 April 1044
*Ermintrude von Limburg born about 0965
Gottfried I Duke of Lower Lorraine born 0966? <Verdun, Meuse, France> died 11 August 1023
Hermann Count of Verdun born about 0965 Verdun, Meuse, France died 28 May 1029
*Gerberge de Verdun born 0973
*Regilla de Verdun born 0979

biographical and/or anecdotal:

notes or source:
These dates are all over the map!!