*Gonzelon I Duke of Lorraine
born about 0967 Verdun, Meuse, France
died 19 April 1044

*Gottfried (Godefroy) "the Captive" "the Old" Count of Verdun & Bidgau & Ardenne
born about 0930
died after 3 September 1005

*Mathilde Princess of Saxony
born before 0958? Saxony
died 25 May 1008
married after 0962

*Bonne Adelaide Duchess of Lorraine born about 0963? Ardenne, France
*Ermintrude von Limburg born about 0965
Gottfried I Duke of Lower Lorraine born 0966? Verdun, Meuse, France died 11 August 1023
Hermann Count of Verdun born about 0965 Verdun, Meuse, France died 28 May 1029
*Gerberge de Verdun born 0973
*Regilla de Verdun born 0979

*Urracca Princess of Italy
born about 0974 Italy

*Oda Princess of Lorraine born Abt 0995 Lorraine, France died 1044
*Godfrey IV de Bouillon born about 1006 Lower Lorraine, France died 24 December 1069
*Regilinde de Lorraine born about 1004 died 15 November 1037

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