*Sophia Princess of Hungary
born 1045 Hungary
died 18 June 1095

*Bela I "Magyarorszagi" King of Hungary
born 1015 Esztergom, Komarom, Hungary
died before December 1063 Nyitra, Nyitra Megye, Hungary

*Rixa (Richensa) Princess of Poland
born 1018 Krakow, Poland
died after 1052

*Geza (Geysa) I King of Hungary (never ruled) born about 1044 died 24 April 1077
*Ladislas I 'the Saint' King of Hungary died 27 July 1095

spouse (1st):
*Udalrich I Margrave of Istria
born 1040
died 6 March 1070
married 1060

children (from 1st marriage):
*Poppo II Margrave of Istria born 1061 died 1095
*Richardis von Weimar born 1063 died 16 May 1120

spouse (2nd):
*Magnus Billung Duke of Saxony
born about 1060 Saxony
died 1106 Saxony

children (from 2nd marriage):
*Wulfhild Billung of Saxony born 1076 died 1126
Eilicke Billung of Saxony born about 1082 Saxony

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