*Rotrude Princess of France
born 0843 France
died 0889/0912

*Charles II "The Bald" Holy Roman Emperor
born 13 June 0823 Frankfurt, Hessen-Nassau, Germany
died 6 October 0877 Brides Les Bains, near Mt. Cenis in the Alps
buried St. Denis, France

*Ermentrude (Irmtrud) Countess of Orleans
born 27 September 0830 Orlâeans, Neustria
died 6 October 0869
buried St. Denis, France
married 13 December 0842 Crecy, France

*Ermentrud (Hersent) Princess of France born about 0854 France
Carloman Prince of France born about 0845/6 France died 0876 Epternac, France
Charles King of Aquitane born 0847 France died 29 September 0865 Buzanðcais, France
*Louis II "The Stammerer" King of France born 1 November 0843 France
died 10 April 0879 Compiáegne, Neustria
Hildegarde Princess of France born about 0856 France
Gisáele Princess of France born about 0858 France died 1 July 0874
*Judith Princess of France born 0844 France died after 0870
Lothaire Prince of France born about 0847 France died 0865

*Sigebert V Comte de Razès
born about 0840
died about 0885

*Guillame II de Razès
born about 0858 France
died about 0914

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notes or source:
In the ancestry.com entries for the wife of Sigisbert it says Rothilde daughter of Charles the Bald
and Ermentrude of Orleans. Her actual name was Rotrude.
Rothilde was Charles' daughter by his second wife who was younger than this daughter.