*Ermentrude (Irmtrud) Countess of Orleans
born 27 September 0830 Orlâeans, Neustria
died 6 October 0869
buried St. Denis, France

*Eudes Count of Orleans
born about 0800 Orleans, Loiret, France

*Ingeltrude Countess of Orleans
born about 0805 Orleans, Loiret, France

*Gephard I of Nieder Lahngau died about 0879

*Charles II "The Bald" Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
born 13 June 0823 Frankfurt, Hessen-Nassau, Prussia
died 6 October 0877 Brides les Bains, Bourgogne
buried St. Denis, France
married 13 December 0842 Crecy, France

*Ermentrud (Hersent) Princess of France born about 0854 France
Carloman Prince of France born about 0845/6 France died 0876 Epternac, France
Charles King of Aquitane born 0847 France died 29 September 0865 Buzanðcais, France
*Louis II "The Stammerer" King of France born 1 November 0843 France
died 10 April 0879 Compiáegne, Neustria
Hildegarde Princess of France born about 0856 France
*Rotrude Princess of France born 0843 France died 0889/0912
Gisáele Princess of France born about 0858 France died 1 July 0874
*Judith Princess of France born 0844 France died after 0870
Lothaire Prince of France born about 0847 France died 0865

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