*Philippe I King of France
born before 23 May 1052/53 Reims, Champagne, France
died 29 July 1108 Melun, Isle de France, France
buried St.Benoit-sur-Loire, France

*Henri I King of France
born 1008 Of, Reims, Champagne
died 4 Aug 1060 Vitry, Brie, France
buried Abbaye De St Denis, St Denis, France

*Anna Agnesa (Grand Duchess of Kiev) Yaroslavna
born 1036 Of, Kiev, Ukraine
died 1076/1089 France
buried Abbaye De Villiers, La-Ferte-Alais, France
married 19 May 1051 France

*Hugues "le Grand" De France born Abt 1053 Of, Vermandois, France
died 18 Oct 1102 Tarsus, Cilicie buried St Paul De Tarse
Emma Princess of France born 1054 Of, Reims, France
Robert Prince of France born 1055 Of, Reims, France died 1060

*Bertha Countess of Holland
born about 1054 Vlaardingen, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
died 1093/94 Montreuil-sur-Loire, France
married 1071/72 France

*Louis VI "The Fat" King of France born about 1081 France
died 1 August 1137 Chateau de Bâethizy, Paris, Isle de France, France
buried St. Denis, Isle de France, France
Henri Prince of France born about 1083 France
Charles Prince of France born about 1085 France
Eudes Prince of France born about 1087 France died 1096
*Constance Princess of France born about 1078 France died January 1124/26

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