*Hugues "le Grand" Capet King of France
born about 1053 Vermandois, France
died 18 October 1102 Tarsus, Cilicie
buried St. Paul de Tarse

*Henri I King of France
born 1008 Reims, Champagne
died 4 Aug 1060 Vitry, Brie, France
buried Abbaye De St Denis, St Denis, France

*Anna Agnesa (Grand Duchess Of Kiev) Yaroslavna
born 1036 Of, Kiev, Ukraine
died 1076/1089 France
buried Abbaye De Villiers, La-Ferte-Alais, France
married 19 May 1051 France

Emma Princess of France born 1054 Of, Reims, France
*Philippe I King of France born Bef 23 May 1052/1053 Reims, Champagne, France
died 29 Jul 1108 Melun, Isle De France, France buried St-Benoit-sur-Loire, France
Robert Prince of France born 1055 Of, Reims, France died 1060

*Adelle (Adelaide) de Vermandois
born about 1065 Valois, Isle De France, France
died 28 September 1120/24 Vermandois
married about 1064 France

*Isabel (Elizabeth) de Vermandois born about 1085 Valois, France
died 13 February 1131 England buried Lewes, Sussex, England
*Agnes de Vermandois born about 1090 Valois, France died after 1125
Raoul I de Vermandois born about 1085 Valois, France died 14 October 1152
buried St. Arnoul, Crâepy, France
Simon de Vermandois born about 1093 Valois, France
died 10 February 1148 Selencie buried Orcamp Abbey
Henri Lord of Chaumont born about 1091 Valois, France died 1130
*Maud (Matilda) de Vermandois born about 1080 Valois, France died 1130 Bourgogne, France
Constance de Vermandois born about 1086 Valois, France
Guillaume de Vermandois born about 1094 Valois, France died about 1096
Bâeatrice de Vermandois born about 1082 Valois, France died after 1144

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