*Ogive (Eadgifu) of France
born about 0904 Wessex, England
died after 0951

*Edward the Elder "The Unconquered" King of England
born 0870
died 0924 Forndon, Northhamptonshire, England

*Edgiva of Kent
born 0896

Edwin Prince of England born Abt 0902 Wessex, England died Abt 0933
Athelstan King of England
born abt 0910
Edred King of England
*Edmund I King of England
born 0922,died 26 May 0946
*Editha Princess of England born Abt 0910 Wessex, England died 21 Jan 0947
*Elgiva Princess of England born 0912 England

*Charles III "The Simple" King of France
born 17 Sep 0879 France
died 7 Oct 0929 Pâeronne, Austrasia
buried St Fursi, Pâeronne, Austrasia

*Louis IV "Transmarinus" King of France
born 10 Sep 0921 Of, Laon, Champagne
died 10 Sep 0954 Abbaye De St. Râemy, Reims, Champagne
buried Abbaye De St. Râemy, Reims, Champagne
*Alpais de France

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Ogive and Elgiva sound suspisiously the same.
Check out in future.