*Editha Princess of England
born about 0910 Wessex, England
died 21 January 0947

*Edward the Elder "The Unconquered" King of England
born 0870
died 0924 Forndon, Northhamptonshire, England

*Edgiva of Kent
born 0896

Edwin Prince of England born about 0902 Wessex, England died about 0933
Ethelwerd or Elfwerd Prince of England born about 0900 Wessex, England died about 0924
*Ogive of France born about 0904 Wessex, England died after 0951
Athelstan King of England
born about 0910
Edred King of England
*Edmund I King of England
born 0922,died 26 May 0946
*Elgiva Princess of England born 0912 England

*Otto I "The Great" Holy Roman Emperor
born 23 November 0912 Saxony, Germany
died 7 May 0973 Memleben, Saxony, Germany

*Luitgarde Imperial Princess of the Holy Roman Empire
born Abt 0931 Saxony died 18 November 0953
*Liudolf Duke of Swabia born about 0930 Swabia, Bavaria died 6 September 0957

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