Annatherapsidus petri

Annatherasidus skull
Annatherapsidus petri (Amalitzky, 1922) skull
Therapsida: Theriodontia: Annatherapsididae
Locality: Sokolki, Malaya Severnaya Dvina River, Arkhangelsk Region, northern European Russia
Age: Late Permian, 250 million years ago
Meaning of name: named after Anna Petrova Amalitzky

A flat-headed aquatic theriodont of the genus Annatherapsidus fed on fishes
and in its style of life was apparently similar to modern otters.
Their short, sharp, backwards-curved fangs helped to catch slippery prey in the water.
Annatherapsidus reconstruction

Amalitzky named this weasily-looking creature after Anna Petrovna, his wife.
She worked with him in the field, made a complete list of the specimens
from the Sokolki locality, and probably endured untold hardships in the name of science.
Makes one wonder....
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