Dr. Professor Vladimir Prokorovitch Amalitzky

Prof. Vladimir Prokhorovich Amalitzky was the first to especially look for and locate
Gondwana-type rich Permian fauna of terrestrial vertebrates (similar to South African
Permian fauna) on nothern part of European Russia and excavate it successfuly.
The main locality was on the bank Malaya Severnaya Dvina River near a village named Sokolki in the Arkhangelsk Region.
(In the Russian Dinosaur Exposition see Scutosaurus, Dicynodon, Inostrancevia, Annatherapsidus, Dvinia).
These are the greatest in number of Permian amphibians and reptiles in the
collections of the Paleontological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
First descriptions of many of these new forms were by Amalitzky.
Annatherapsidus petri was named in honor of his wife and co-worker Anna Petrovna
Species first described by Amalitzky:
Dvinosaurus prima
Dvinosaurus secundus
Dvinosaurus tertius
Kotlassia prima
Kotlassia secunda
Annatherapsidus petri
Dicynodon trautscholdi
Dvinia prima
Gordonia annae
Gordonia rossica
Inostrancevia alexandri
Oudenodon venyukovi
Pareiosaurus karpinskii
Pareiosaurus elegans
Pareiosaurus horridus
Pareiosaurus tuberculatus
Venyukovia prima
Specimens in the Russian Dinosaur Exposition first described by Dr. Amalitzky:
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