*Clotaire (Chlothar) I "The Old" Meroving King of Soissons, Orleans & France
born 0499 Rheims, Marne, Loire-Alantique, France
died 23 November 0561 Braines, Loire Atlantique, France

*Clovis I "The Great"(Clodovic)(Chlodwig) de Meroving King of the Salian Franks
born about 0466 Rheims, Marne, Loire-Atlantique, France
died 27 November 0511 Saint Pierre, France

*St. Clothilde De Burgundy
born 0475 Bourgogne, France
died 3 June 0548 Tours, Ingre-Et-Loire, France
married 0492 (0492/93) Rheims, Marne, Loire-Atlantique, France

Theodoric I Meroving
Clodomer Meroving
*Childebert "The Catholique" Meroving
born about 0496 Rheims, Marne, Loire-Atlantique, France
died 23 December 0558 Paris, Seine, France
Tichilda Meroving
daughter Meroving
*Clotilda Meroving
born 0497 Rheims, France died 0531

spouse (3rd):
*Ingunde 3rd wife of Clotaire I Meroving
(end of information)

children (from 3rd marriage?):
*Charibert I of the Franks
Gunthar Franks
died 0561
Gunthram Franks died 0593
Clotsinda Franks
Riguntha Franks
Clodobert Franks
died 0580
Theodoric Franks died 0584
Clothar II Franks died 0629
Blithilda (Bilhildis) Princess of Cologne

spouse (5th):
*Radegonde von Thuringia
married 0538

*Bertha de Meroving born about 0541 Paris, Seine, France died 0580
*Chilperic De Meroving born about 0519 died about 0584
(other sources say he was daughter of fourth wife)
*Sigebert I King of Austrasia born about 0535 Metz, Austrasia, France
died between 0575/79 Metz, Austrasia, France
(also possibly a different mother)

biographical and/or anecdotal:
*Clotaire (Clothaire) (Chlothar) I, King of the Franks, 558-562, born in 500 and died in 562. He married, according to Gregory of Tours, (1) Guntheuca, wife of his dead brother, Chlodomer. He married (2) Chunsina; (3) Ingunde; (4) Aregunda, Ingunda's sister; (5) *Radegunda, daughter of the Thuringian king *Berthar, who became a nun at Poitiers about 550; (6) a concubine; and (7) Vuldetrude, Theodovald's widow. At the time of his father's death, he received Soissons, Laon, Noyon, and the old Frankish country: Cambrai, Tournai, and the lower side of the Meuse.

notes or source: