*Thibaud IV (II) (Theobald) "the Great" Count of Blois & Champagne
born about 1088 Blois, France
died 8 January 1152
buried 10 January 1152

*Etienne Henri II "le Sage" Count of Blois & Meaux & Brie & Chartres & Tours
born 1045 Blois, France
died 13 July 1102 Battle of Ascalon, Ramleh, The Holy Land

*Adáele (Alice) Princess of England
born about 1062 Normandie
died 8 March 1135 Marsilly, Aquitaine
buried Caen, Normandie
married 1080 Breteuil, Eure, France

Guillaume De Champagne born about 1086 Blois, France died 1150
Humbert De Champagne born about 1094 Blois, France
Alix De Champagne born about 1100 Blois, France died about 1145
Lithuise Adáela De Champagne born about 1098 Blois, France died 1118
Elâeonore De Champagne born about 1104 Blois, France died 14 October 1141/42
Henri (Eudes) De Champagne born about 1101/1102 Blois, France died 8 August 1171 Winchester, Hampshire, England
*Etienne (Stephen) King of England born about 1095/96 Blois, France
died 25 October 1154 St. Martin's Priory, Dover, England
buried Faversham Abbey, Faversham, England
Maud of Blois born about 1097 Blois, France died 25 November 1120 At Sea off Barfleur, Normandie
Philippe Bishop of Chalons born about 1092 Blois, France

*Mathilde (Maude) von Sponheim Princess of Carinthia
born about 1097 Karnten, Austria
died 13 December 1160
married 1123

*Marie Countess of Champagne Blois
born 1128 Champagne, France died 17 August 1190
*Henri I Count of Champagne born 1127 Champagne
died 16 March 1181 Troyes, Champagne buried St Etienne, France
*Adáele (Alix) Countess of Champagne born about 1140 Blois, France
died 4 June 1206 Paris, Isle de France buried Abbaye de Pontigny, Pontigny, Isle de France
*Agnes of Blois born about 1138 died 7 August 1207
?Thibaud V "The Good" Count of Blois & Champagne born 1148 Blois, France
died 1191 Akkon buried Pontigny

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The 3rd & 4th child look like the are from the next generation.