*Agnes of Blois
born about 1138
died 7 August 1207

*Thibaud IV (II) (Theobald) "the Great" Count of Blois & Champagne
born about 1088 Blois, France
died 8 January 1152
buried 10 January 1152

*Mathilde (Maude) von Sponheim Princess of Carinthia
born about 1097 Karnten, Austria
died 13 December 1160
married 1123

*Marie Countess of Champagne Blois
born 1128 Champagne, France died 17 August 1190
*Henri I Count of Champagne born 1127 Champagne
died 16 March 1181 Troyes, Champagne buried St Etienne, France
*Adáele (Alix) Countess of Champagne born about 1140 Blois, France
died 4 June 1206 Paris, Isle de France buried Abbaye de Pontigny, Pontigny, Isle de France
?Thibaud V "The Good" Count of Blois & Champagne born 1148 Blois, France
died 1191 Akkon buried Pontigny

*Renaud II Count of Bar
born about 1115
died 25 July 1170

*Theobald I Count of Briey, Bar & Luxemburg
born about 1160
died 13 February 1214

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