*Alfonso VII "Pierre-Raimund" King of Castile & Leon & Galicia
born 1 March 1105 Toledo, Castile
died 21 August 1157 La Fresneda, Teruel, Aragon
buried Catedral De Toledo, Toledo, Castile

*Raymond de Bourgogne Count of Galicia and Coimbra
born about 1065 Dijon, France
died 24 May 1107 Grajal Do Campos, Leon

*Urraca Alfonsez of Castile & Leon
born about 1082 Burgos, Castile
died 8 March 1126 Saldana, Palencia, Spain

Sancha Princess of Castile & Leon born after 1102 Toledo, Spain died 28 February 1159

spouse (1st):
*Berenguela Raimundo de Barcelona
born about 1116 Barcelona, Aragon
died 2 February 1148/49 Palencia, Leon
married November 1128 Saldana, Palencia, Spain

children (by 1st marriage):
*Fernando II Alfonsez King of Leon born 1137 Toledo, Castile
died 22 January 1188 Benavente, Zamora, Castile
Constanza Alfonsez Princess of Castile born after 1140 Toledo, Castile
died 4 October 1160 Castile buried St. Denis, Isle De France, France
*Sancho III "The Desired" Alfonsez King of Castile born 1134 Toledo, Castile
died 31 August 1158 Toledo, Castile
Raimundo Prince of Castile born before 12 April 1136 Toledo, Castile
*Sancha "La Infanta" Alphonsez Princess of Castile born about 1138 Toledo, Castile died 5 August 1177
Garcia Prince of Castile born before March 1142 Toledo, Castile died before November 1146
Alfonso Prince of Castile born after 1144/46 Toledo, Castile died before January 1149

spouse (2nd):
*Ryksa of Poland Queen of Castille
born about 1131 Wroclaw, Poland
died 16 June 1185
married before 4 December 1152 Wroclaw, Poland

*Sancha Queen of Aragon born 21 September 1154 Toledo, Castile
died 9 November 1208 Monasterio De Jaen, Jaen, Spain
Fernando Prince of Castile & Leon born 1153/54 Toledo, Castile died after 1155

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