*Urraca Alfonsez of Castile & Leon
born about 1082 Burgos, Castile
died 8 March 1126 Saldana, Palencia, Spain

*Alfonso VI "The Valiant" of Castile & Leon
born before June 1040 Burgos, Castile
died 29 June 1109 Toledo, Castile

*Constance Princess of Burgundy
born about 1046 Dijon, France
died January/February 1093

Elvira (Sancha) Alfonsez of Castile & Leon born about 1083 Burgos, Castile

spouse (1st);
?married 1087 Toledo, Spain

children (from 1st marriage):
*Pedro Gonsalez de Lara died about 1130 Bayonne, Spain

spouse (2nd):
*Raymond De Bourgogne Count of Galicia & Coimbre
born about 1065 Dijon, France
died 24 May 1107 Grajal Do Campos, Leon

children (children from 2nd marriage):
*Alfonso VII "Pierre-Raimund" King of Castile & Leon & Galicia
born 1 March 1105 Toledo, Castile died 21 August 1157 La Fresneda, Teruel, Aragon
buried Catedral De Toledo, Toledo, Castile
Sancha Princess of Castile & Leon born after 1102 Toledo, Spain died 28 February 1159

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