*Isabel (Elizabeth) de Beaumont
born about 1096?? Leicester, Leicestershire, England
died about 1147

*Robert de Beaumont
born about 1046 Pont-Audemer, Beaumont, Normandy, France
died 5 June 1118 Leicestershire, England
buried Preaux, Normandy, France

*Isabel (Elizabeth) de Vermandois
born 1085 Valois, France
died 13 February 1131 England
buried Lewes, Sussex, England
married 1096? divorced

Maud de Beaumont born about 1114 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Hugh de Beaumont born aout 1106 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Havoise de Beaumont born about 1110 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Amicade de Beaumont born about 1112 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
*Waleran de Beaumont Count of Meulan born 1104 Meulan, Ile De France, France
died 10 April 1166 Abbey, Preaux, Normandy, France
buried Abbey, Preaux, Normandy, France
Aubreye de Beaumont born about 1099 Beaumont, Normandy, France
Miss de Beaumont born <1104 <, Leicester, Leicestershire, England>
*Robert "Bossu" de Beaumont Earl of Leicester
born 1104 Leicester, Leicestershire, England died 5 April 1168 England
buried Leicester Abbey, Leicester, Leicestershire, England

*Gilbert de Clare
born 21 September 1100 Tunbridge, Kent, England
died 1149 England
buried Tintern Abbey, Chapel Hill, Monmouthshire, England
married Bef 1130 Tunbridge, Kent, England

*Richard "Strongbow" Fitzgilbert De Clare
born about 1125 Tunbridge, Kent, England
died 20 April 1176 Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
buried Holy Trinity (Christ Church Cathedrall), Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
Agnes de Clare born about 1112 Tunbridge, Kent, England died England
Baldwin de Clare born about 1114 Tunbridge, Kent, England died England
*Basilia de Clare born about 1116 Tunbridge, Kent, England died England

biographical and/or anecdotal:
also was married to *Henry "Beauclerc" King of England
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