The Mathematical Foundation
The Mathematical Foundation was organized to provide prohibitively
expensive mathematical and scientific tracts, tables, and texts to
libraries, educational institutions, teachers, and students via charitable
donations and purchase subsidization. The concept was derived by
noting that most mathematical and scientific publications were
very small press runs and extremely expensive.
Consequently, new books sometimes costing hundreds of dollars
were beyond the budget of most educational facilities' libraries
and used versions were so rare as to be unavailable and still expensive.
To this end The Mathematical Foundation solicits donations of
publications which can be donated or offered at greatly reduced
price to educational institutions and libraries.
Start-up inventory to begin this endeavor are provided at the
behest of the Charles D. and Melba Pruitt Educational Trust.
If you would like for your institution to receive or be considered
to receive books and publications as a donation by
The Mathematical Foundation please use the button below to contact us.
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