The Mathematical Foundation
There are two kinds of donations in this world:
The Mathematical Foundation donating things to you
and you donating things to The Mathematical Foundation.
Regarding The Mathematical Foundation donating things to you:
The Mathematical Foundation was organized to provide
prohibitively expensive mathematical and scientific tracts,
tables, and texts to educational institutions, teachers, and
students via charitable donations and purchase subsidies.
To this end The Mathematical Foundation provides to any
educational institution, library, or research institute (which
qualifies as a not-for-profit organization or a public or
government entity) any of the titles marked as available on the
"Publications" or "Bookshop" pages free of charge
(exclusive of postage, insurance, and packaging).
If you are a representative of such an organization or
you are a researcher who wants their library to have
such resources please contact us and we can make any
of these titles available to you. Go to "Grants" page.
Regarding you making donations to The Mathematical Foundation:
We accept mathematical and scientific titles of known value
(please don't send us your old Calculus textbook).
We in turn donate these to appropriate institutions
and provide you with the "charitable gift" deduction.
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Thank you for your interest!