*Guillaume V (III) "The Grand" Duke of Aquitaine
born 0975 Poitiers, Aquitaine
died 31 January 1030 France

*Guillaume IV (Fier-áa-bras) Aquitaine
born Abt 0949 Of Aquitaine
died 3 Feb 0995 France

*Emma Countess of Champagne
born Abt 0954 Of Blois, France
died Aft 27 Dec 1003
married Bef 0969

Ebles d'Aquitaine born about 0977 Aquitaine died 0997

*Agnáes Countess of Bourgogne
born about 0987 Bourgogne
died 10 November 1068
married before March 1018 France

*Agnáes Princess of Aquitane born about 1020 Aquitaine died 14 December 1077
*Guillaume VIII (Guy Geoffroy) Duke of Aquitane
born about 1026 Aquitaine died 25 September 1086 Chãateau de Chizay, Poitou, Aquitaine
Pierre-Guillaume V of Aquitane born about 1019 Aquitaine died 1058
*Bâeatrice de Poitou d'Aquitane born about 1027 Aquitaine died 1109

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