*Agnáes Princess of Aquitaine
born Abt 1020 Aquitaine
died 14 Dec 1077

*Guillaume V (III), "The Grand" Duke of Aquitaine
born 0975 Poitiers, Aquitaine
died 31 January 1030 France

*Agnáes Countess of Burgundy
born about 0987 Bourgogne
died 10 November 1068
married before March 1018 France

*Guillaume VIII (Guy Geoffroy) Duke of Aquitaine
born about 1026 Aquitaine died 25 September 1086 Chãateau de Chizay, Poitou, Aquitaine
Pierre-Guillaume V of Aquitane born about 1019 Aquitaine died 1058
*Bâeatrice de Poitou d'Aquitane born about 1027 Aquitaine died 1109

*Heinrich III Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
born 28 October 1017 <Schwaben, Bavaria>
died 5 October 1056
married 21 November 1043

*Heinrich IV Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
born 11 November 1050 Goslar, Brunswick, Germany
died 7 August 1106 Luttich
Mathilde Princess of the Holy Roman Empire
born 1045 Saxony died 12 May 1060
Adelheid Princess of the Holy Roman Empire
born 1048 Saxony died about 1095 Quedlinburg, Saxony, Germany
Judith Marie Queen of Hungary
born before 9 April 1047 Saxony died 14 March 1092
Konrad II Prince of the Germans
born 1052? Goslar, Brunswick, Germany died 10 April 1055

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